12th International SuperComputing Camp 2021
6-11 December 2021
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School Mission

SC-Camp is a summer school and non-profit event about Super Computing and Distributed Systems. It proposes a series of courses around the thematic of High-Performance Computing with an important focus on practical sessions (more than half of the time). It targets Master and PhD students in the field of Computer Sciences, Engineering and any other fields that could benefit from HPC (Physics & Material Sciences, Biology/Bioinformatics, Finance, etc.). Taking advantage of the Internet and high speed networks available today, one can exploit high performance computing infrastructures from anywhere, even located in the middle of the nature. SC-Camp is an initiative of researchers inspired by this idea that offers undergraduate and master students state-of-the-art lectures and programming practical sessions upon High Performance and Distributed Computing topics. It is an itinerant school, bringing the HPC knowledge to a different place every year.

SC-Camp is a non-profit event, addressed to all students including those that lack of financial backup, so we try to keep the cost for the students as low as possible.




The supercomputing and distributed systems school focus on the following topics: - Distributed Systems: Grid/Cluster/Cloud/Volunteer Computing - Distributed parallel programming with MPI - Shared Memory parallel programming with OpenMP - Accelerators: GPUs with CUDA, XeonPhi - Debugging, Profiling and Performance Optimization - Data Analysis with R - Resource/Job Management & Scheduling - Big Data - Reproducible Research - Advanced Computing

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SC-Camp 2021 – Virtual features 6 days of scientific sessions, during which several programming practical sessions will be held and a collaborative project. This year, due to the worldwide COVID19 pandemic the SC-Camp will be virtual, hosted by. RENATA in Colombia.

The main goal of SC-CAMP 2021 Virtual is to support the strengthening of the RedCLARA (Latin American consortium in Advanced Technology Networks for Academy and Science). For this reason the most part of the talks and courses will be in spanish this year.

We welcome applications of undergraduate (preferable in Senior year) or master students from all areas of Engineering and Computational Sciences with strong interest upon High Performance and Distributed Computing. Due to the advanced content of lectures some basic notions of Parallel and Distributed Computing along with programming skills are desirable. The scientific and steering committee will evaluate the application forms based on the applicant’s scientific background and their motivation letter. This year, we will accept a maximum of 30 students.



Master and PhD students in the field of Computer Science, or any other domain working with HPC (Physics, Material Science, Biology/Bioinformatics, Finance, etc.), who are already familiar with programming. SC-Camp is the perfect event to learn all about Distributed and Parallel programming, from basics to the most advanced level, offering a thoughtful practical experience in High Performance Systems to assimilate the concepts.



Please check the registration procedure on the www.redclara.net.



The SC-Camp 2021 Virtual will be hosted by the RedCLARA. Please check all the details on the site www.redclara.net.






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