14th International SuperComputing Camp 2023
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
14-20 May 2023
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SC-Camp 2023 Program

Program Summary

Detailed Program

Sunday 14/05/2023: Introduction to HPC Ecosystems

Welcome and Local Presentation

Duration: 1h30


Presentation of SC-Camp and the Sponsors and the local research teams.

Lecture: Introduction to HPC Applications, the Need for Scalable Architectures

Duration: 1h30

Speaker: Prof Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez (UIS - Bucaramanga, Colombia)

An introduction to the first parallel and distributed machines until today state-of-the-art. This lecture aims at presenting the key factors from the rise of parallel applications to today’s huge distributed systems. From the cluster to BigData, passing through the grid, the cloud, GPU, and much more.

Monday 15/05/2023: HPC Platforms and Environments

Lecture: HPC Platforms Interaction

Duration: 2h00

Speaker: Ing Gilberto Díaz (UIS - Bucaramanga, Colombia)

High Performance Computing platforms are platforms offering a large number of computing resources shared among a large of number of users. The Resource Manager and Job Scheduler are the core tools of such platform which allow to distribute the resource to the users and avoid any conflict.

This lecture proposes an overview of a typical HPC platform and defines the concept of resources. It describes and explains the role of the resource manager and job scheduler in an HPC platform, and introduce the concept of job scheduling. Then it offers an overview of the most useful features: interactive session, reservation, job submission, etc. in the main job schedulers (e.g. SLURM).

In the end, it provides all the key elements for an efficient HPC workflow.


Hands-on: HPC Platforms Interaction

Duration: 3h00


The first purpose of the this session is to allow the students to configure their access to the HPC platform. In a second time, the students can experiment with the main features of the job scheduler.


Tuesday 16/05/2023: Parallel Programming Models

Lecture: Introduction to OpenMP and MPI

Duration: 2h00

Speaker: Prof Robinson Rivas (Universidad Central de Venezuela)

Modern HPC platforms platforms are based on both Distributed and Shared memory architectures. In the case of Shared Memory, even handheld devices uses multiple processors/cores hardware, and it is usual to have up to 16 processing cores on commercial smartphones.

First, we cover the shared memory models: With the goal to improve the usage on such systems knowledge of multithread programing is mandatory. This lectures shows the basis of OpenMP : a well spred environment to implement parallel applications.

Then, we tackle the challenges of distributed computing involve exchanging message. The MPI, message passing interface, is still THE standard for many distributed applications. Throughout this lecture we will visit many aspects of distributed programing usign MPI.

Hands-on: Parallel Programming

Duration: 3h00


Understanding how these architectures works is very important for Computer Scientists and programmers. In this tutorial, students will learn about some different Shared Memory models, the advantages of this approach, and the main implementations found for commercial and scientific usage.

Wednesday 17/05/2023: Parallel Programming Patterns

Lecture: Introduction to GPU Computing

Duration: 2h00

Speaker: Prof Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez (UIS - Bucaramanga, Colombia)

Programming with CUDA we will visit projects that significantly improve their performance using CUDA.

Hands-on: GPU Computing and Deep Learning

Duration: 3h00

Speakers: Prof Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez (UIS - Bucaramanga, Colombia)

This practical session is the opportunity to use accelerators that will be available for the students.

Thursday 18/05/2023: Advanced Patterns in Scientific Computing

Lecture: Advanced Computing Architectures: HPC + AI + QC

Duration: 1h00

Speaker: Prof Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez (UIS - Bucaramanga, Colombia)

Lecture: Quantum Computing Simulation

Duration: 2h00

Speaker: Ing Gilberto Díaz (UIS - Bucaramanga, Colombia)

Friday 19/05/2023: Towards Advanced Scientific Computing

Lecture: HPC for the Simulation of Particles

Duration: 2h00

Speaker: Dr Xavier Besseron (University of Luxembourg)

In this talk, we will give an overview of the main techniques used for the parallelization of numerical simulations on High-Performance Computing platforms, and provide a particular focus on the Discrete Element Method (DEM), a numerical method for the simulation of the motion of granular materials. We will cover the main parallelization paradigms and their implementations (shared memory with OpenMP and distributed memory with MPI), present the performance bottlenecks and introduce load-balancing techniques.

Saturday 20/05/2023: SC-Camp Conclusion

Closing of SC-Camp 2023 & Presentation of SC-Camp 2024

Duration: 1h

Speakers: Prof Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez (UIS - Bucaramanga, Colombia)

Collaborative Project



A contest will be proposed to the student to allow them to apply the knowledge they acquired. Different problems are provided and they can selected one/many categories in which they which to participate. The students are encouraged to propose parallel and distributed solutions that run on the HPC cluster.

Results are evaluated based on their correctness and performance.


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Cultural Activity

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