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10th International SuperComputing Camp 2019
Madrid, Spain
10th-14th of June 2019

School Venue

The SC-Camp 2019 will take place at the
Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT).

Building #1 – 2nd floor, room B
Avda. Complutense, 40
28040 Madrid

CIEMAT is located at the very end of the University Campus (Ciudad Universitaria). Please, note that to access the Centre you need to show your ID or Passport at the Security point where the related personnel will give you a guest card and a map of the different buildings.

CIEMAT premises are open from 07:00 to 19:00.

You can find below a map of the area with SC-Camp 2019 venue, metro stations and some hotels:

For more information about CIEMAT, please visit http://www.ciemat.es.

Meals at CIEMAT

Meals and coffee-breaks covered by the organization will be served at the dining room located on the 2nd floor of Building #1. There is also a canteen, which is located in the basement of Building #1.


Casa do Brasil

NOTE: It seems that this option is already fully booked during SC-Camp.

SC-Camp recommends Casa do Brasil for accommodation purposes. Even when it is in a 20-min walking distance to CIEMAT, it is also directly connected to the venue by public transport (bus #82), see the map above for better estimation.

Please email sec@casadobrasil.es using ‘SCCAMP-CIEMAT’ in the subject for reservations. Fares can be consulted on the Casa do Brasil website.

Housing of the University

NOTE: It seems that this option is already fully booked during SC-Camp.

Students attending SC-Camp can also try accommodation of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid by following the instructions on this page (English link inside).


There is also a huge range of hotels in Madrid. A few of them are listed in the map above. You can make your own arrangements for accommodation either contacting those hotels or visiting websites such as Trivago, Booking, AirBnB, etc.


Public Transport to CIEMAT

Please bear in mind that public transport can be only accessed with an electronic card to be purchased at Metro stations, where several machines are located (available languages are Spanish, English, French, and German). Such a card must be firstly purchased and lately charged with money, though both operations can be made in a row.

The fares shown in this document are indicative as they can change along the year.

Some information on how to reach CIEMAT follows:

A single ride costs between 1.50 € and 2.20 € depending on the distance travelled. You can charge your card with single rides or the equivalent to a 10-ride ticket, the cost of which is 12.20 €. You can find more information about public transport fares and other ticket possibilities at http://www.ctm-madrid.es/red_transportes/tarifas/red_tarifas.jsp?CODPANTALLA=0&CODBOTON=203

General information about the Madrid public transport system can be found at http://www.ctm-madrid.es/

Transfer from Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport

By metro (Underground)

The whole Metro ride will take around 45 minutes and the cost from the airport is of 5.00 €.

By train

You can access the airport train, but only at Terminal 4 (both Metro and train stations are accessed at the T4 basement). It connects you with “Chamartin”, “Nuevos Ministerios”, and “Sol” stations among others. Trains departure every 30 minutes and the single ride costs 2.60 €.

By bus

The so called “Exprés Aeropuerto” rides 24x7. The ride also costs 5 € and longs for around 30 minutes. Frequencies are 15-20 during the day and 35 min during the night. The stations are T4 – T2 – T1 – O’Donnell street – Cibeles Square – Atocha train Station.

By taxi

There are taxi ranks in front of the arrival lounges at all four Terminals at Madrid airport. Whenever you will pick it up, a taxi to downtown costs 30€ (fixed rate) and includes every additional service such as VAT, transport of luggage in the trunk, etc. You can ask the driver for an official receipt.

Touristic Visits

In Madrid

One-day journey tourist visits near Madrid

All those are UNESCO protected places:


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